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Women In Network Marketing & Direct Sales: It’s Your Time!

More women than ever are starting businesses from home, and there are plenty of good reasons why: Women want MORE – more time, more freedom, more income, more flexibility, more opportunities to make a difference, and more quality of life than what we’ve experienced in the “regular 9-5” world. With all the uncertainty of our job market and economy, there has never been a better time to step into entrepreneurship and take control of your destiny.

Meet Sonia Stringer – known as “The Women’s Business Coach”. An accomplished entrepreneur in her own right, Sonia is fast becoming the “go to” expert for savvy women who want to have it all – a successful business AND a fulfilling lifestyle.

How to Be Successful – Without Becoming a Man

How to Be Successful – Without Becoming a ManDespite the amazing opportunities available to women, we do face some unique challenges when building a business from home. We juggle more responsibilities (kids, family, sometimes another job), we experience more demands on our time, and have a different approach to selling and recruiting than our male counterparts.

Unfortunately, the majority of “traditional training” in the network marketing profession is not addressing our unique needs (as in most cases it’s created and led by MEN), leaving many women struggling to adapt to a “masculine business model” that doesn’t quite fit.

Thankfully – that’s changing! Sonia’s expertise is providing the exact tools and strategies women need to build a home-based business – in a way that works us for us! You’ll learn how to navigate the roadblocks that have slowed you down, and leverage your natural strengths. Women can now learn how to build a successful business – one that provides the income, freedom and fulfillment you desire – but not have to “turn yourself into a man” in the process.

So whether you are new to network marketing – an experienced leader – a busy mom juggling your business while raising your kids, or someone thinking about leaving the corporate world, shorten the learning curve and accelerate your growth by teaming up with Sonia.
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