#1 Key to Recruiting New Biz Builders: Ask vs. Tell

by SoniaStringer

networking eventsSavvy Women, you all know how important recruiting is to your team growth and income.

Yet it can feel so daunting at times!

It’s important to present your products/opportunity effectively, but that’s where people trip up. I see this happen all the time with the women I’ve coached in this profession.

Maybe you get nervous approaching total strangers – or worse, people who know you (sometimes family and friends can be the toughest). You want to say the right things, but you feel so awkward you become totally tongue-tied.

Or maybe you go into “presentation mode” – throwing company facts, stats and too many details at your prospects, driving them away instead of drawing them in. In both cases, you feel incredibly awkward because you know you’re not doing your biz opportunity justice.

It doesn’t have to be this way, and this simple shift will make recruiting A LOT easier (and people will respond better, too!).

My Best Tip For Recruiting: Ask vs. Tell

Sure, it’s tempting to “tell” prospects about the science behind your products or what’s interesting about your company. But “telling” or giving a “big presentation” doesn’t usually influence them.

There’s a better way to go about it: ASK

Becoming skilled at asking questions is THE #1 KEY to effective selling and sponsoring because…

  • When you ask questions, you get to find out WITT (What’s important to Them). You’ll pick up important info about your prospects’ problems, needs and wants – and get invaluable insight regarding how you can help them with your products/biz opportunity.
  • People love to talk about themselves, so when you spend more of your time asking (instead of being in full-blown presentation mode) recruiting feels so much easier and more comfortable!
  • When you “present” your products/biz as a sales pitch, it is human nature for others to doubt if what you’re saying is really true. By asking questions, you make it easier for people to recognize how your products/biz can help them – letting them come to those conclusions on their own. It’s a more elegant way to (respectfully) influence them.

What questions should you ask? Well, it depends on the situation.

When you meet someone for the first time, just be curious! Asking general questions makes it easy for people to interact with you.

images3344To get into a conversation, try these strategies:

  • Break the ice with compliments. Ask where they got that beautiful purse/shoes/necklace.
  • Talk about the children. If they have little ones in tow, ask about them.
  • Ask for advice. If you’re in a store, ask someone if they can recommend a particular product such as yogurt, baby food, exercise clothing, etc.

Your goal is not to sell or get an immediate business lead. Instead, you want to make a personal connection, perhaps get enough rapport or conversation going so that it feels natural to share business cards or personal contact info and stay in touch.

Ideally through your conversation, you’d also want to be listening for a problem or opportunity to serve this person (with your classes, products or even your biz opportunity).

Here’s how conversations can work for you:

  • At the park, a mom you’ve just met mentions she’s been crazy busy with the kids, work, etc. This might be an opening for you to mention that through your business, you offer a spa party, skin care classes, makeover nights – and you’d be happy to do one for her and her friends.
  • At a networking event, a new acquaintance says how stressful her job is, and how little time she’s getting with her family (or for herself). This could be the perfect opportunity to bring up how helpful your biz has been for people who want to create money, have more free time and so on. End by saying you’re happy to share more information if they ever want to talk about it.

See? Asking questions is a FUN way to get to know people while creating openings that make it easier and more natural for you to INVITE them to meet you for coffee or visit your website to check out your products/biz.

And I promise the more you do it, it WILL become second nature.

Ready to test this out? Here are some simple ways to get started mastering the art of question asking:

  • Each day this week, strike up a conversation with a stranger. This is not for business but to practice casually asking questions to improve your connecting skills.
  • Create a list of questions to ask people at your next networking event. A list will give you more confidence when starting conversations. Remember, get them talking about themselves – look for natural openings that give you the opportunity to invite them to meet with you for coffee, share your products or business opportunity, etc.

Don’t stop there! Questions are VERY important during an actual recruiting conversation, too!

Next week, I’ll share with you some very specific questions you can ask during an actual presentation, to help uncover your prospects challenges and make it easier for them to recognize how your products/biz opportunity can make a big difference.

Stay tuned!


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