4 Ways to Use Email to Sell More Products & Attract New Business Builders

by Susan Lucibello

Many women in network marketing/direct selling use some kind of an email system to stay in touch with customers and prospects. No wonder, as email communication is still THE most effective, inexpensive and powerful method to stay connected with others. Instead of having to follow up with each of your customers or prospects individually (with a phone call or personal note or postcard) you can instead send a single email update and connect with hundreds (even thousands) of people, all with the push of a button.

However, if you want to generate sales (and even attract new leaders) there are some important things you need to know about email marketing.

For instance, being overly promotional doesn’t cut it when marketing through the internet today. You can’t constantly blast your list with emails about product offers (or your business opportunity) and expect people to respond. Most will start to tune you out.

The key to making money with email marketing is to serve the people on your email list by sharing helpful tips, articles, or other ideas that relate to your products. For instance, if you represent weight-loss products, than share ideas (even recipes) to help people drop pounds and get in shape. If you sell beauty products or jewelry, you might want to create an e-zine that focuses on fashion or styling tips.

Whatever theme you choose, be sure it’s focused around “how-to” ideas that your readers will find helpful. If you provide interesting and relevant tips, people will READ your emails more often (instead of deleting them or opting out).

One of the easiest ways to compile and share this kind of information with your list is through an e-zine or “electronic magazine.”  This is a kind of digital newsletter you can use to provide tips, recommend resources, and share updates about you or your company. An e-zine can boost your income and grow your business in many ways – here are just a few:

1. Use Your E-zine to Add New Prospects to Your Email List

People connecting with you for the first time (especially on-line) may not yet be ready to buy from you or join your team, but they’ll likely be interested in some helpful free tips (in the form of your newsletter). Many people will “opt in” to your email list to receive your e-zine if you also bundle it with an extra bonus of some kind (like a free report, audio interview or sample of your products).

You can either add a place to subscribe to your e-zine on your current website, or create a seperate webpage dedicated to your free offer/ezine giveaway. (You can see an example of my bonus and e-zine offer at www.SavvyNetworkMarketingWomen.com/freeaudio).

Before long you will find other places to promote your free offer/e-zine. How about a  special contest or giveaway for Facebook friends and social media contacts? Instead of blatantly promoting your products or business opportunity, offer something valuable (and include with it a subscription to your e-zine). Once people have added themselves to your email list, you can easily stay in touch with contacts and build relationships to convert them from “cold leads” to new customers.

2. Sell More Products and Promote Your Biz (In a Subtle, Classy Way!) 

E-zines are an effective tool for generating new product sales. Because 75% of your e-zine content is focused on sharing helpful ideas, tips or resources, when you do make a mention of your products, it will land more gracefully with your audience.

For example, you can dedicate a section of your e-zine to cover special product offers or monthly discounts. You can also include a section celebrating your team’s success or an update on your company (which might inspire someone to pick up the phone to find out more about your opportunity). Including this kind of info in your e-zine can definitely help to generate new sales and even attract business builders; however, since it’s not the only or major focus of your e-zine, your readers won’t feel that you are being too sales-y.

3. Establish Credibility for You and Your Business

Marketing studies show that most people need to see your message 7-10 times before they truly remember it and connect to the value of what you offer. Publishing your own e-zine keeps you in front of contacts AND positions you as somewhat of an expert in your field.

As your contacts read your e-zine, they’ll come to trust you as a resource (which can lead to more interest in your products and business opportunity). As your readership expands, your reputation and credibility expand with it, which can attract even more people to your list.

For example, companies call me to speak at their conferences because they’ve read my e-zine and liked what I shared. As new people opt-in and receive on-going editions of my e-zine, they often buy my products or take part in my coaching programs.

I’ve had many articles published in magazines (including “Upline” and “Networking Times”) because of my e-zine. Your e-zine is your “calling card,” and it can introduce people to you and what you do long before you meet them in person.

4. Generate New Sales and Build Your Team (Anywhere in the World!)

One of the main advantages of an “e-zine” over a printed newsletter or other promotional material is that email is easy to pass on to others. As people on your list read your e-zine and find value in what you share, they’ll often share it with friends, family and contacts. It’s as easy as forwarding an email!

And – like any email message – your e-zine can “go viral,”, spreading the word about you and your business to all corners of the world. Since your business isn’t tethered to any “store front” (where people have to buy in person) you can take FULL advantage of this viral marketing opportunity and create new customers and team members locally, across the state or in other countries where your company is set up to do business. 

This is great for those of you wanting to expand your team into new territories and attract new business builders. Share your message with new customers and prospects in the UK, Europe, Asia, Canada, Australia as easily as with people in your local area. Your e-zine does the “ground work” for you – building interest and relationships without having to step outside your office.

My own e-zine has helped generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales and expand my business into several countries around the world. If you haven’t subscribed yet, check it out at  www.SavvyNetworkMarketingWomen.com/freeaudio.  You’ll not only receive great tips to help grow your network marketing/direct sales business, but you’ll also pick up ideas you can use to create your own e-zine, and use it in a way that generates new income and growth in your own business.

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