How to Do a Facebook LIVE Broadcast and Use This Tool To Grow Your Team

by SoniaStringer

FB live woman 1As I mentioned in my last blog article, the “Facebook Live” video streaming tool is a smart and savvy way for network marketing/direct sales professionals to train their teams, find new customers and biz partners, and connect with people around the world directly from your smartphone!

Why is this live video streaming tool such a powerful way to grow your team and make more money in your business? If you want to leverage the power of the internet and build out a large network of contacts, video is the best tool available. People watch and respond to video more than any other content shared over the internet, including text, pictures, or links.

There are PLENTY of ways to use Facebook Live to grow your biz (check out my last blog article for all the details), and it’s easier than you might think to use. Use this simple step-by-step guide to get you started.

1. What You Need to Get Started

1At the moment, the easiest way to use the Facebook LIVE tool is through your smartphone (it works on iPhone and Android). Be sure to have the regular “FACEBOOK” app loaded on your phone (it’s free, you can get it from the APP store through your phone).

Click on the Facebook app on your phone to open and find your profile (or page).

Next, click the status button in the top right corner (the little pencil in square) or the “What’s on your mind?” next to your profile picture.

live video At the bottom of your screen you will see a set of  images – the LIVE VIDEO image is the one you’ll use to broadcast your presentation, message, etc.

Tap the “LIVE VIDEO” icon, which looks like a human silhouette.  Give Facebook access to your camera and microphone (you’ll only have to do this the first time).

Press the blue “CONTINUE” button. (Don’t worry, you won’t be recording yet.)

2. Select Your Audience

3 arrow

Before you start your broadcast, you will want to choose your audience. If you want to practice your presentation before going live, click on the drop down menu under your name, and select the ONLY ME option at the bottom and then click Done.(You can do this from the status screen before clicking the Live Video icon, or in the screen where you enter your video headline.)

This allows you to record a Facebook LIVE broadcast, but only YOU will see it on your personal profile. I recommend doing a few tests to get comfortable speaking on camera.

Check to be sure you’re centered in the video frame,  are using good lighting (no shadows, etc.), your sound is clear, and there is no annoying background noise present.

Additionally, you want to choose a background that isn’t too distracting; a quiet room or location where you won’t be disturbed is ideal. (If you are broadcasting outside, you’ll definitely want to ensure the noise level isn’t too high and the lighting isn’t too bright or too dark.)

When you’re comfortable and ready to go LIVE, you can select PUBLIC option from your “Share With” window, or choose from one of your lists. (For example, you can create a list of just your family members, your team, your customers,  or your hottest prospects, and deliver a customized broadcast or presentation just for them.).

Click here to see how to add your current friends to specific lists on your personal profile.

3. Write a Catchy Headline and a Specific “Call to Action” in the Text Box Before Your Broadcast

4Once your broadcast goes “LIVE” it will start to show up in the news feed of your selected contacts. People will see your video image, but what’s really important is the text that displays ABOVE your video image.

You want to write an attention-grabbing headline here, as this is what people will see as your video goes by in their news feed. You want to give your viewers a sense of what your broadcast is about, and inspire them to watch you.

Before you click the GO LIVE button, be sure to think about what you want to write in the “Describe Your Live Video” Section.

Here’s an example of one I used to teach a recent session on this topic:

SONIA IS LIVE! – Join me for this interactive training session and learn how to use the new Facebook LIVE tool to grow your network marketing/direct sales business.

You could also use headlines like:

Join me for a special training to show you how to use our newest XYZ product.

It’s Motivation Monday – join me for a moment of inspiration and kick off your week.

Ready for a career change? Join me LIVE and I’ll show you how to create time and financial freedom with a simple home-based business.

Keep your messages short and sweet, leave spaces between long sentences, and do your best to communicate WHY people should want to tune into your broadcast now. You can edit this message after you save your broadcast as well.

(For example, I change my “SONIA IS LIVE” text when my live presentation is over, so it doesn’t confuse people who watch the recording later).

4. Go Live!Go Live Blue Button

Once you’ve entered your text and you’re ready to begin your presentation, click the blue GO LIVE button. Once you click it, you’ll see a timer countdown from 3, and then you’ll be live.

You can broadcast/record up to 90 minutes at a time using Facebook LIVE.

When you’re done, click the FINISH button.

Your presentation will automatically save to your Facebook profile, group or page.

65. Save a Copy of Your Video

You may also want to save a copy of your video to your camera (so you have a permanent copy).

If you wish, you can “re-purpose” this content by uploading it to YouTube, or sharing it on your website or blog, etc.

I’ll share some savvy tips on what do actually DO in a Facebook LIVE presentation including what to do to reach a large audience, sell more products, and even attract new business builders to your team.


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