Could Facebook Live Be the Next Big Thing in Network Marketing / Direct Sales?

by SoniaStringer

woman-holding-smartphone green scarfAs I mentioned in my recent Periscope blog posts, live streaming video from your phone or mobile device is quickly becoming the hottest way to connect with people, and attract new customers and biz partners.

In fact, according to Entrepreneur Magazine and Brightcove, video generates 1200% more shares than any text or image you currently share on your social media pages. Bottom line – if you want to reach people on Facebook (or other sites), use video!

The buzz around using video to build your business is growing at a fever pitch, especially now that Facebook has launched its own version of this new platform, simply known as Facebook Live.

As a savvy network marketing/direct sales professional, you may be wondering how this powerful new tool can help you find new leads and stay connected to your current customers and business partners.

How Can Facebook Live Help You Grow Your Biz?

You can use the power of Facebook Live to:

  • Demonstrate your products, announce sales/special promotions or new launches
  • Host live Q and A about your products or opportunity
  • Promote upcoming training or business opportunity eventsFB Live w phones
  • Share personal development tips or book suggestions
  • Showcase your lifestyle adventures (featuring you and/or people on your team)
  • Share behind-the-scene footage of training events or your company conferences
  • Share interviews with top leaders in your company or trainers
  • Showcase or introduce top performers from your team
  • Hold team meetings – share updates or training with your downline
  • Lead an online opportunity meeting, and share more about your business

What Makes Facebook Live Different From Periscope?

Like Periscope, Facebook Live allows users to stream live video and audio content directly from their Android and IOS phones. However, unlike Periscope, Facebook Live also offers some additional features that might provide more benefits to its users:

  • There’s no need to download an additional app. You can launch FB Live directly from FB app on your phone (Click “Update Status” and then select “Live Video,” or the live video icon).
  • Videos don’t disappear after 24 hours. (You can keep your video up in your feed and/or delete it when you want).
  • Your videos already come with a built-in audience; your FB friends or followers. Anyone who is connected to your personal profile (or your business page) will be notified when you are live streaming.
  • Viewers of your content can follow you, and receive FB Live notifications, by clicking on the “follow’ button while watching your live videos, which helps you grow your audience.
  • You can monitor and interact with comments, likes, and shares during and after your FB Live session. (FB sends comments through at a readable pace and automatically hides inappropriate comments.)
  • You can choose who to share your FB Live broadcast with by choosing from Public, Friends, Only Me, Specific Followers, etc.

How Will Facebook Live Positively Impact Your Biz?

woman-with-smartphone smiling

According to a recent webinar hosted by social media expert Mari Smith, there are 1.65 billion people on Facebook each month, 90% of which are mobile users. Video and Facebook Live broadcasts are helping network marketing/direct sales professionals get info about their products and business out to a larger audience than ever before.

Many FB Live users have noticed they receive 10x more comments from video than they do from any other FB related posts.  This was also noted in a 2015 TechCrunch interview with Live product manager Vadim Lavrusik, who explained, “53 percent of Facebook video views come from re-shares, which would probably happen after a broadcast ends.”

What does this mean for savvy network marketers/direct sales professionals? It means that you can use the Facebook LIVE tool to reach MORE people than you ever have before to create new relationships, share your products, and educate prospects on the value of your business opportunity.

At this point, Facebook Live can only be used on your phone, though there are some new apps coming out which will allow you to broadcast from your desktop.  It also requires a very strong internet signal for broadcast, and seems to perform better on iPhones, as opposed to Android.

This tech tool is here to stay! Facebook is already working on additional ways you can use this amazing app to basically “create your own TV show” and connect with people anywhere in the world.

Stay tuned for my next blog post. I’ll show you exactly how to do a Facebook Live broadcast, and how to use it to sell more products and attract new people into your team.

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