When to Follow-Up With Prospects (and What to Say)

by Sonia Stringer

When you share your products or opportunity with people, they may tell you “Uh, let me think about it” or “I have to talk it over with my spouse”…

…and then you’re left in the position of having to “follow up” and chase people down, in the hopes their “maybe” turned into a “yes”.

If you’re like many women in network marketing or direct sales, this can be a frustrating experience. As you make those dreaded follow up calls, you may feel like you’re stalking people (wondering if you should leave a message) OR nervous because you aren’t sure what to say when you do connect.

Watch this short video (taken from my “Recruiting Workshop for Women” livecast event).

You’ll learn a simple – but very effective follow system from super-savvy leader Jules Price. Jules will show you how to keep your leads organized so you know WHEN to follow up with your hottest leads  (and WHAT to say so you don’t feel uncomfortable or sales-y).

If you’d like to learn some other effective things to say when following up with prospects…

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Sonia Stringer is a professional speaker, business coach, and popular mentor to over 500,000 women in the network marketing/direct selling profession.  Sonia is an expert in “elegant influence” and renowned for her ability to help women sell and recruit in a way that is comfortable, classy, and highly effective. Find out more about her free training resources, coaching programs, and live events at www.SavvyNetworkMarketingWomen.com

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