How to Attract and Recruit New Business Builders (Without Feeling Like a Used Car Salesperson)

by SoniaStringer

Why do so many women feel uncomfortable approaching others about their network marketing or direct sales opportunity? They believe in their product, they believe in themselves, they know their business can literally change lives, yet they hesitate. Can you relate? If so, it’s likely that you’ve been taught a way to recruit others that feels a bit “unnatural.” You may have been instructed to use a cheesy script or “old school” technique that can leave you feeling a bit like a used car salesperson.

Does It Have to Be This Way?

Absolutely not! Fortunately, there is a different approach to sponsoring that makes this process so much easier (and effective)! Women who use this approach feel more comfortable and confident when talking about their business, so they tend to initiate these conversations more frequently.

By following this simple five-step process you’ll engage people in meaningful conversations. Chances are they’ll trust you and be willing to take a serious look at how your opportunity can help them achieve their goals. The best part? You don’t have to leave your integrity at the door.

Five Steps to Elegantly Recruit New Business Builders

Step 1: Serve, Don’t Sell

“Recruiting with integrity” is about service, not so much “selling”. You’re not out to convince people to join your business, but rather to introduce them to your opportunity with the intention of helping them make some positive changes in their lives.

Before approaching anyone about your business, decide to come from a place of curiosity and non-attachment. Check your agenda at the door and put other people’s needs and desires first. Your prospects will pick up on your sincerity, and be more open to your questions and suggestions.

Step 2: Listen More, Talk Less

Many women (blame it on our enthusiasm) talk too much when sharing about the business. We can go into overwhelming detail about the compensation plan, the history of the company, or the science behind our products. We can unintentionally hijack the conversation (and leave our poor prospects staring blankly at us with that “deer in the headlights” look)!

When you are leading a recruiting conversation, spend the majority of your time listening. Ask questions to find out what is meaningful to your prospects. Ask about their job, income, family life and kids. What are their goals? How do they want to spend their time? What does their “ideal lifestyle” look like, and do they have a plan to create it? Aim to spend 80 percent of your time listening and only 20 percent talking.

By listening and asking questions you’ll learn key information about your prospects’ main problems, concerns or dreams, and how your business could possibly help them in these areas. Without uncovering and connecting to their most important problems or desires, any information you share about your business won’t carry much weight.

Step 3: Have Nothing to Hide

In the “old days” of network marketing/direct sales, many people were taught to “trap” prospects into a business presentation. (Ever hear of those “dinner parties” where the dishes were cleared, the flip chart came out, and people were subjected to a barrage of info and the drawing of many circles!) Ultimately, this kind of backdoor approach just doesn’t work. You may get people to a presentation (or coffee date), but they won’t be interested in what you have to say (and will often resent you for feeling put on the spot).

It’s better to be direct and sincere. Let people know that you have a business opportunity that might be helpful to them, and WHY you think it could be beneficial to them (specifically).  Ask if they’d be willing to talk with you briefly on the phone, or sit down over lunch or coffee to learn more.

Step 4: Take the Pressure Off

As you are inviting people to meet with you, make it easy for them to say “yes” by removing any pressure they may feel. Most prospects avoid these kinds of meetings because they fear having to tell you “no”(or that they’ll be pressured into joining a business that isn’t for them). Assure them you have their best interests at heart; you sincerely believe this opportunity could make a real difference in their lives, and want to share some details so they have a better understanding of how it works. Let them know you only want them to join the business if it’s an absolute fit (and mean this!) and there are no hard feelings if they say “no.”

By being completely honest and up front, people will trust you more. They’ll feel more comfortable answering your questions, and you’ll be more “attractive” – especially to your more professional prospects who’ll appreciate your direct and sincere communication.

Step 5: Be Willing to Not Sponsor People

So you’ve asked some key questions, listened intently and done all you can to “connect the dots” so your prospect see the bigger picture coffee-cupof your business opportunity (and how it could make a real difference for her). You’ve finished your coffee, but your prospect seems only mildly interested. What now?

You’re far better off sponsoring a few people who are serious about your business than many people who are not. Trust your gut and don’t waste time and energy trying to recruit someone who’s just not a fit. They’ll end up resenting you, avoiding your phone calls (and you’ll waste precious time and energy in the process).

Knowing when to let go of a prospect (and move on to someone who is a better fit) will build your confidence, because you know you’re truly coming from a place of integrity when it comes to recruiting others. There are plenty of people who want what you have. Be brave enough (and picky enough) to find them so everyone wins.

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