How To Have It All, Without Doing It All – Why Women In Network Marketing Need More Support!

by SoniaStringer

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Are you a skilled multi-tasker? Most women are! We are the master jugglers, born with the ability to focus on many tasks at the same time. Whether you’re at home, or at work, I bet you always have multiple balls in the air. This is especially true if you’re starting or growing a network marketing or direct sales business.

There is a price to pay, however, for focusing on so many things at once. Most women feel very overwhelmed trying to juggle the demands of a family and/or another job while devoting the additional time required to grow their home-based business. When you started your business, I bet it wasn’t so you could take on a million tasks, spend LESS time with your family, and feel completely stressed out and overwhelmed. Sadly for many women, this has become a reality.

Because of this intense state of busyness and overwhelm, many women don’t make the money they could in their network marketing/direct sales business (or they get frustrated and give up altogether). There is, however, a simple solution, something that will make a big difference in your peace of mind as well as your paycheck.

helpIf you want to “have it all without doing it all,” you need to get support!

It’s ironic that women are so great at GIVING support, but not so great at asking for it. We don’t like to “bother people” or we think asking for help is a sign of weakness when it’s actually a sign of strength. At some point trying to take on every challenge, both at home and at work, is going to stress you out, or put you on the path to a nervous breakdown. Trying to “do it all” is also going to kill your biz growth and keep you from making the money you want in your business.  

If you want a great biz and a high-quality lifestyle, SUPPORT is NOT a luxury.

It’s a necessity!

Before it comes to this, consider how much easier your life and business could be if you had a little more support? What if instead of seeing support as a “luxury” like many of us do, you saw it as an absolute necessity?

Having more support in your life not only brings an instant feeling of relief, but it’s also a smart financial move. In order to make more money, you actually need to do less. If you create the kind of support that allows you to focus on your top priorities, you’ll not only feel better, but your business and income will grow more quickly.

In order to have it all, without doing it all, you must first identify the type of support you need.

What are your priorities? What do need help with the most? What kind of support are you missing?question

There are three main types of support that make a big difference for women when growing a business. They consist of “Strategic Support”, “Emotional Support”, and “Details Support”.  Here’s what each entails:

Strategic Support – This kind of support:

·  Involves you getting your hands on the strategies, knowledge, and ideas you need to create the results you want in your business and life.

·  Is usually gained through working with leaders in your own company, mentors, coaches, reading books or attending seminars, training events, etc.

·  Can also be achieved through a mastermind team, which is a group of individuals who come together to brainstorm, share ideas and strategies, as well as provide business insight, accountability, and support.

Emotional Support – This kind of support:

·  Involves the emotional support and encouragement we all need when building a business.

·  Is really important for women, as we offer so much of this kind of support to others (our family, team, friends, etc.). We need our own sources of emotional support to keep our battery charged!

·  Is best provided from family, friends or teammates who believe in you and support you.

·  Helps you stay focused and in action when things get tough, and is more important to your success than you might realize.

Details Support – This kind of support:

·  Involves getting help with all the “details” in your life and business, those repetitive, time-consuming tasks that need to get done (but you’d rather not do yourself!).

·  Can help you make better use of your time, since “details” generally take up more of your day then they should. You can usually hire or train someone to do these easily.

·  Can simplify your life/biz by using technology, such as online bill pay or apps, or through delegating more to family members, team members or outsourcing to an assistant.

The simplest and best “first step” to creating more support in your life/biz is to get help with the details! Many women would LOVE to hand over household responsibilities or delegate the paperwork or admin tasks in their business, but they aren’t sure if they can afford to do so.

Hiring help … Can I afford it?

Hiring help could be easier than you think. Use the simple equation below to determine how much you can afford.

Divide the amount of money you make in your business each month by the number of hours you worked. This will give you your hourly rate.

For example, if you make $5,000 in your business and worked 120 hours (30 hours a week), your hourly rate is $42. Which means every hour you work your business, you generate on average $42.

Average monthly income/hours worked = Approximate Hourly Rate

For example:

$5k/120 hrs = $42 hr

$10k/120 hrs = $82 hr

You can afford to hire support for a wage of $12-20/hr

woman_w_laptopYou can hire an assistant to handle the details of your business for $15-20 an hour (much less than your average hourly rate).  As long as you are paying someone else LESS per hour than you make in your business, you can definitely afford to hire help. Remember, most admin/detailed tasks can be handled in five or fewer hours per week.

If you’re spending your time answering emails, running to the post office, ordering products or filling out forms (things you could easily hire someone else to do), you’re actually LOSING money. Your focus should be on activities that grow your business (selling, recruiting, team support, etc.) because this will help you make MORE money in your business every month, and every hour. Handing off the “lower priorities” to someone else frees you up to invest time in those areas that are making you money, which allows you to hire more support, and so on.

Getting more support in your business is essential to your success. Though it can seem overwhelming, start off small. Which tasks are time and energy drainers?  Delegate those tasks at home and at work.  Ask your family for help.  Hire a monthly cleaning service. Employ a virtual assistant, or delegate more to your top leaders. You, and your business, are worth the investment.

Bottom line – you can enjoy MORE money and free time if you’re willing to DO LESS.


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