How Women in Network Marketing Are Changing Lives in Developing Countries

by Sonia Stringer

Do you ever look around at the economic differences in the world, feel you want to do something to help others who are struggling – but just aren’t sure where to start?

That’s how “Women United for Change” got launched!

Meet this group of inspiring women (from various network marketing and  direct sales companies) who strongly believe building a business is one of the most effective ways to transform someone’s life.

WUFC wanted to do something to “pay it forward” and empower women who have limited opportunities in the world. In 2016, they partnered with world-renowned Project Concern International, an international non-profit group based in San Diego, CA.

PCI has a powerful training program called “Women Empowered”  which helps women in developing countries lift themselves (and their families) out of poverty, by starting small businesses.

The results have been really inspiring!

In just 2 years, WUFC has raised over $250,000 – enough to support 5,000 women through the Women Empowered program.

Women are using the money from the businesses they start to feed and educate children, provide better medical care and make improvements in their communities etc.

Check out the video below to learn how this amazing program works…

…some inspiring stories of the women we’re helping…

…and how YOU can be part of this growing movement of women in network marketing who are making a big difference in the world!

You’ll feel proud to be involved in this profession, and more inspired than ever to grow your business.

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