Inner Circle Contest Finalists!

by Sonia Stringer

A big congrats to ALL of you who submitted your videos for the “Inner Circle” coaching contest. Your wins from this year are VERY inspiring.

It was tough, but we narrowed the entries to these semi-finalists (see below).

We did our best to highlight people we feel created some of the most impressive results in their businesses or biggest changes in THEMSELVES (personal growth) as a result of being part of this program.

Now we need YOUR help to select our final winners!

We’re going to use a simple “scoring system” to do this.

All YOU need to do is:

  • Watch the videos below (or if short on time, review the written summary of their wins below each video)
  • Send an email to

In your email, please list each person’s name below, and add a number next to each name (1 would be for the person that is your FIRST choice, 2 for second choice, 3 for third choice, etc).

There are 11 semi-finalists. You’ll only use each number once – 1 to 11.

One Request: Please nominate at least FIVE people (choosing 1st pick, 2nd, etc) so we have a fair “sample size” (rather than choosing just one for first place, etc).

You may choose the order based on who you feel created the most impressive results, experienced the biggest personal growth, or even made the biggest contributions to the group.

If you are one of the semi-finalists, you can (of course) vote for yourself, but of course share your other choices too.

Your emails and nominations will be confidential!

Voting closes MONDAY, JAN 15th

Thank  you for your help in selecting our final winners!

Here’s the finalists (in no particular order).

~ Brianna Aninger ~ Raeford, NC, USA

Big Business Wins: Before program, team volume $2000/month in sales. By using Magic Words and Heart Centered Sponsoring able to quit full time job, and team volume now $20,000 month. Went from 14 personally sponsored people to 46 personally sponsored.

Also earned $4,000 bonus, $12,000 bonus, car bonus, trip to Toronto, Puerto Vallarta, concert tickets/meeting with Bon Jovi. 

Used “personal branding” to add 700 new contacts on FB (ideal prospects). Doing regular FB lives to generate new leads, sales and biz partners.

Big Personal Wins: “Who I’ve become” – from feeling “terrified of talking to strangers” to stepping into “courageous zone”. Now able to easily initiate conversations that lead to sales and biz partners.

~ Tammy Ragan ~ Birmingham, AL, USA

Big Biz Wins:  Using Magic Words and Heart Centered Sponsoring to feel more confident and effective with prospects, boost attendance at meetings. As a result, personal enrollments up by 73%.  Also created 15% increase in new members, 40% increase in overall team sales volume and 21% increase in personal income. Using coaching skills to create more team engagement, people stepping up to lead and doing FB lives.

Big Personal Wins: Biggest change is in personal mindset, thinking and speaking more positively. This shift has spilled over to members, inspiring activity and attracting more people.

~ Lindsay Kusy ~ Kelowna, BC, CANADA

Big Biz Wins: Using Magic Words, Heart Centered Sponsoring and Lead Generation to create over 300% growth in business. Getting total clarity on “who I’m looking for” has helped me know where and how to network. Using FB Lives to do regular “shows” and reach many more people, doubled size of FB network.

In last year team has grown from 1 active leaders to 4 active leaders, monthly volume of $962 to monthly volume of $6799. Advanced TWO ranks in company just in November. 

Big Personal Wins: Huge insights and confidence re: how to grow business, now feel excited now to approach people and go to events. Reaching 1 – 2000 people with Facebook LIVE videos is making me more confident to do more.

~ Karen Watson ~ Hillsborough, MO USA

Big Biz Wins: Using Heart Centered Sponsoring and Coaching Skills to help team rank to Executive Level (after sitting at Senior Star for 4 years).  Team sales volume up 22% over last year.  Grew Facebook contacts from 250 to 640. Using coaching skills to make bigger difference with team. Created very successful bootcamp that brought on 7 new business builders.

Big Personal Wins: Feeling huge shifts in confidence and belief. Taking more action. Husband said “even if this didn’t affect our business, this program was worth it for all the personal growth seen”.

~ Lee Hunter ~ Springfield MO, USA

Big Biz Wins: Using Magic Words and listening closely made huge difference in sales and recruiting.  My sales are up 300%, but more importantly team is growing and ranking every month. Team saying “we don’t do sales, we do solutions”. 65% growth in sales volume over last year and Facebook network grew from 650 – 1500 friends.

Big Personal Wins: Shifted from being introvert who felt talking to people was scary to feeling very confident and enjoying connecting and serving people.

~ Rebecca Reynolds ~ Fort Collins, CO, USA

Big Biz Wins:  Using Magic Words and Heart Centered Sponsoring to grow sales volume from $500,000 last year to $1 Million month.  Taught skills to team team, and team has grown by 2397 new members this year, personally enrolled more in 2 and 3rd level. Personal income up $1000 /month and close to hitting 2nd rank advancement. Facebook reach from 750 friends to 1,400 of ideal prospects. Using coaching skills to support team, feel way more confident in helping them duplicate. Starting new coaching program.

Big Personal Wins: My belief has grown, definitely affecting team, increasing their activity an results Exuding professionalism and people responding differently.

~ Elizabeth Butters ~ Swindon, UK

Big Biz Wins: Using Facebook and FB Live is biggest win. Grown Facebook network to 900. Using Facebook LIVE videos to promote 30 day challenge and attract new customers, got a ton of interest and sparked new conversations. Magic Words and Heart-Centered Sponsoring Skills so helpful in engaging people, helping people make decisions. Now doing presentations in front of company.

Big Personal Wins: HUGE shift in belief and confidence, shifted from feeling very fearful to talk to people to really enjoying process. Previously suffered from low self esteem and shyness to now seeing self as a “leader.”  Impacted other areas, got promotion at work. Anxiety levels are much lower, huge win.

~ Mary Dickens ~ North Ridge Hills, TX, USA

Big Biz Wins: Using Magic Words, Heart Centered Skills to shift from “selling” to leading with heart and helping people. Now know how to listen, ask questions and build a case so people see value. Grown business more  than 50%, received car bonus (huge boost for income). Recruited more associates this year and hit the Grand Slam 4 times. Love using coaching skills to support team, feel way more confident.

Big Personal Wins: Feel I’m a better person, friend, wife. Feel I can say I”m a professional network marketer and I’m proud of that.

~ Teresa Reiniger ~ Collinsville IL, USA

Big Biz Wins: Using Magic Words and Heart Centered Sponsoring, huge shift from being trained by men. Brought on several new customers and started speaking for own local team. Did 3-4 networking groups per week, learned so much and then started own MEETUp group which is drawing my ideal prospects. Using branding and social media so helpful, used to create FB live video series for network.

Big Personal Wins: Making the commitment to be on the calls. Overcoming being extreme introvert to being able to talk to anyone. A huge stretch to put self out there on video, doing Facebook Lives, but got lots of positive attention. Gained huge confidence and inspiration.

~ Betty Ann Sudbury ~ Sorrento, FL, USA

Big Biz Wins: Re-launched business after 7 year pause, living out of country. In last year, have grown income 400% using Magic Words, Lead Generation and Heart Centered Sponsoring skills. Doubled size of my network on Facebook and implementing coaching skills with team to help with duplication. Using coaching skills with team, now feel I have blueprint and getting tons of positive feedback from team, they are enrolling customers.

Big Personal Wins: Making commitment to this program for full year. Confidence is back after hiatus, becoming best coach possible for team. Embracing the servant mentality, being part of this community.

~ Janice Theodorakis ~ Oregon, USA

Big Biz Wins: Lead generation – finally got clarity on target market and used this to double size of my FB network. Magic Words made huge difference in feeling more confident in reaching out and getting response from people.  Launched a FB group and inspired team into action. Developing confidence as leader and coach. Implemented systems to better manage time and priorities.

Big Personal Wins:  Way more disciplined and now taking consistent action daily in business. Increase confidence, now know what to do and belief I can do it.

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