How to Save BIG on Taxes With Your Network Marketing Business

by Sonia Stringer

One big benefit of having a network marketing or direct sales business is the deductions and expenses you can write off that can save you hundreds (even thousands) of dollars on your taxes each year.

Chances are you aren’t claiming all the expenses you could be against your business (and your tax bill is higher than it should be!) That’s why this tax training video (below) with Taxbot expert Sandy Botkin is so important.

Get ready to learn:

  • How the recent changes in US tax law will affect your business, including what you need to know to effectively claim home office, vehicle, meals and entertainment deductions.
  • Other “little known” deductions that can save you a bundle on your tax bill, including how to write-off ALL your medical expenses (including insurance) or pay for your kids college fund by employing them in your business.
  • What you need to know to qualify for an additional 20% deduction on taxes in your business next year.
  • The simple details to include when keeping records (that will protect you in case of an audit)

This knowledge won’t just help you save money on your tax bill, it will help you grow your team!

When you fully appreciate how much money you (or anyone) can save by having a home-based business, you’ll be more effective at recruiting people who want the tax savings!

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More on the "Tax Reduction Institute" and "Taxbot"

Sandy Botkin is a registered CPA, tax attorney, and has written several best selling books to help small business owners save on taxes.

Sandy has been invited to speak at business events by Tony Robbins and T Harv Ecker, as well as a featured guest expert on CNN, Fox, NBC, and ABC.

Sandy previously trained the audit team for small business at the IRS, so he has extensive knowledge of the tax code, and how to LEGALLY take advantage of all the write-offs available to small businesses.

Sandy launched Taxbot eight years ago with the goal to help small business owners get ahead by saving as much as legally possible on their tax bill.

He has helped tens of thousands of network marketing professionals reduce their taxes, using the tools and training available at

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