Sell More Products and Recruit Business Partners from the Comfort of Your Home, Using Virtual Events and Facebook LIVE Video

by Sonia Stringer

If you’ve asked anyone to host an in-home party or class for you, attend one of your  events, or even meet for coffee, you know it’s a challenge to get people together “in person” these days.

Competing priorities, busy schedules (and traffic) are making it more and more difficult for women to introduce people to their products and opportunity, using traditional methods.

Thankfully, technology is creating a new (and even more effective way) for you to build your business. Savvy women are using the internet and Facebook to host “virtual events” or “on-line parties” to share their products and opportunity with contacts  anywhere in the world.

Because these virtual events take place through the internet, it’s more convenient for people to attend. You can also invite people (friends, family, contacts) who live in other places and previously wouldn’t have been able to attend your local events.  

With a little creativity, you can adapt your traditional product or business presentation into an on-line version, and quickly generate sales and business partners (without leaving the comfort of your home).

One of the BEST tools to conduct a virtual product or business presentation is Facebook (using their “events” feature and Facebook LIVE video app).

These two tools allow you to schedule your event, invite guests, and send your guests important updates and reminders before your event. When it’s time for your presentation, you go “LIVE” using Facebook’s video streaming app, and can interact with your guests while they watch from the comfort of their homes.

If you want to test this exciting format out in your business, here’s some step-by-step instructions to get you started:

—> 1.   Open your Facebook Page using the Facebook  mobile app on your phone or tablet. 





<— 2.   Create your event. Give your event a name, choose a theme or upload an event picture. Verify the date, time and all the details relating to the event.

If anyone will be co-hosting the event you will also want to add their names on the event page. Finish by clicking, Create Event.

Once your event page has been created you can share info, photos or videos with the attendees directly on this page.

It also will give your attendees a place to ask questions, interact with other event attendees, and receive message before and after your event.

—>  3.   Invite your followers to your event. Decide who you want to invite to your event, and send them an invitation. As people RSVP, you can see who’ll be attending and keep track of your numbers.

4.  Promote your event. If you want to boost your attendance and create additional “buzz” for your event, you can also promote it on your Facebook profile, page or on other social media platforms.

You can also create a Hashtag (#) for your event to track discussions. And don’t forget to use the “@” symbol whenever you post about your event. This will create a Facebook link directly to your event page.

<— 5.   Start your live event broadcast. On the day and time of your event, head to the event page to start your broadcast.

Position your phone/camera like you would for any other Facebook LIVE event. Make sure the lighting is good, and you eliminate background noise, etc.

On the event page, click on Write Something, then select Live Video and you’re ready to start broadcasting your event.

You’re live! Lead your product or business presentation as you normally would (with some changes, if necessary, for a virtual audience).

6. End your broadcast – When you are ready to end your Facebook Live Event, click the Finish button. You will be prompted to save your video to your camera roll or to upload a higher quality video of your event to Facebook.

Your broadcast can then be found under the Recent Posts on your FB page or under the Discussion link on your Event page. You can also upload it on your main page at any time in the future if you wish to share it with more people.  

To see an example of how women are using “virtual events” to make quick sales, check out this short video featuring top leader, Aimee Crist:

Use Virtual Parties on Facebook to Sell Products and Recruit  Leaders.

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