Service vs. Selling – How 1 Tiny Shift Will Make You Fall in Love with Recruiting and Cold Calling!

by SoniaStringer

women and coffeeIf you’re like most of the women I work with every day, you started your biz to get something you wanted: more money, more time with your family, more flexibility than the traditional “9-to-5” world.

To get those things – to move your business beyond a “hobby” – you know you must recruit or sponsor others who are serious about building a business, too.

But it can be incredibly hard to ask friends and family (not to mention strangers!) to host an event, buy a product or join the team.

The thought of being rejected outright or of being seen as “opportunistic,” “predatory,” or “pushy” can keep you from getting to the next level.

Even worse, you may struggle with feelings of guilt, anger or disillusionment because you’re putting a lot of time and effort into your biz (and not yet creating the income or lifestyle you’re after).

What if I told you making a tiny “mindset shift” could completely change the way you think about recruiting and cold-calling so that you actually LOOK FORWARD to approaching people about your biz?

I’ve seen this approach work time and again for the many gals I’ve coached who’ve struggled with selling and sponsoring new business partners (either because it feels manipulative and selfish or because they’ve been taught an approach that isn’t authentic for them).Smiling woman talking on cell phone

What’s the approach? Shift away from a “selling” mindset and toward one of “service”.

Why does the idea of “serving people” (instead of selling) work so well for women? Because it harnesses our innate desire to help others.

For many women – the idea of “selling” can still bring up a sense of win-lose, as if we’re manipulating someone else solely for our own benefit. Serving others, however, is something that feels good and that we do very naturally.

Think about the last time you offered to help a friend. It was easy, right? When you approach prospects with the intention of serving or helping them (rather than just trying to “get a sale” or “sign up a new biz partner”) prospecting others feels more like a win/win experience.

How can you make the shift from selling to serving?

Be intentional. Before picking up the phone, heading out to a networking event or meeting with a prospect, ask yourself three questions:

  •  How might I be able to help this person today?
  • How, specifically, could my product and/or biz opportunity make a real difference for her?
  • How might I be able to serve her – even if my product/biz isn’t a fit (give a referral, some new info, my friendship, or inspiration)

Make a list of your answers to refer to during a phone call or to review before a networking event.

The results?

  • When you approach the most daunting tasks in your business with this “service” mentality, you get re-connected to the VALUE you create for people (even if they DON’T buy something from you, or join your team) and you can let go of the pressure to “make the sale” or recruit a new business partner.
  • You’ll feel more inspired about connecting with new prospects!
  • People will feel your authenticity and respect and respond to you based on it (and likely take even more interest in what you’re sharing).

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