7 Savvy Ways to Grow Your Business During the Holidays

by Sonia Stringer

The holiday season, with all its excitement and good cheer, has arrived. Although the focus of this time is obviously on connecting with friends and family, your business certainly doesn’t have to take a back seat.

In fact, this time of year can provide some wonderful opportunities to expand your network of contacts, generate extra sales, and even find a potential business partner or two. What you do in the final weeks of this year can spark rapid growth at the beginning of next year, so it’s worth taking advantage of the unique opportunities this season brings.

Here’s 7 savvy ways you can grow your business and make a difference for others, this holiday season.  

1 – Give the Gift of YOUR Products.

The holidays give you the perfect opportunity to share your products with friends, family, your local salon owner, dentist, favorite coffee shop, or other people in your community, as GIFTS! You can put together small gifts bags with samples, or put together a gift basket of your best sellers for some of the more important people on your list.

You may want to have some promotional “goodie bags” on hand that you can quickly hand out to anyone you meet while shopping, dining, traveling, etc. Be sure to include your contact info, some samples, a little holiday treat, and a discount or promotion for your biz.

You can share this with people to thank them for good service or as a gift to celebrate the holidays.

You can also reach out to your current customers and suggest they consider giving your products as gifts to people on THEIR list (and make this opportunity extra enticing with a special discount or bonus products, if possible).

2 – Include Samples with Your Holiday Cards/Annual Update.

When you mail out holiday cards this year, consider adding product samples as a small bonus gift. If mailing to your customers, you can mention a new product or a way to save on their current favorites.  

For extra impact, create a detailed “end of year” newsletter and include that with your holiday cards. You can use your newsletter to share personal news, helpful tips related to the holidays (or your products), and acknowledge and celebrate people on your team.

3 – Renew Old Connections and Warm Up Your Network.

The holidays give you a perfect excuse to re-connect with old friends, family members, neighbors, or others and deepen relationships with people in your network.   

You want to keep the focus on catching up on personal news, but if an opportunity presents itself, you can causally mention your business or offer to send them samples of your product as a gift.  

4 – Make Your Holiday Events Work for You.

Many of us will be attending social events or holiday gatherings between now and the end of the year. These events give you the perfect opportunity to meet new people and expand your network.

You obviously want to keep the focus on socializing, but if an opportunity presents itself (someone asks about your career, mentions a challenge finding a gift, etc) you can casually mention your business or suggest a product (if appropriate) or other resources. 

When meeting new people, be sure to exchange contact info (and ask to connect with them on Facebook or other social media sites) so you can easily stay in touch. These new connections may turn into customers, referral sources or even business partners in the following year.

5 – Host an Event and Celebrate Your Customers.

The holidays give you the perfect opportunity to host your own events and show your appreciation for your best customers and others who have supported your business throughout the year. Encourage your guests to bring a friend with them (you never know when you might meet a new prospect).

To promote your products/services, you can hand out little goodies bags with samples, a holiday treat, and your info. You can also create a contest or game at your event and give your services or products out as prizes.

6 – Up Your Social Media Holiday Presence.

People may have less time to get together in person this time of year, but you know they are still on their mobile devices and social media!

Make the most from using Facebook, Instagram or other social media platforms this time of year. You can share your favorite holiday recipes, funny or endearing holiday videos, or invite people to share their recipes or traditions to keep the conversation going.

You can also share inspiring stories or case studies and showcase how your products or business has made a difference for people.

If you’re feeling adventurous, host a Facebook Live or Instagram Live event and do a live demo or share tips related to your products. For example, if you sell health and wellness products, you can share tips on how to eat healthy or keep the calories under control during holiday gatherings.

If you sell jewelry or makeup, you can share tips to create the ultimate holiday look. The key is to make the info as relevant as possible to the season, and educate while you softly mention your products (hopefully with an enticing discount or year-end bonus offer).

Bottom line, have fun while you make new connections and grow your business through the holidays. When you come from the heart and a genuine desire to serve others, people will appreciate your good intentions. 

Remember that the seeds you plant now can spark some exciting business growth through the first quarter of the new year; the extra investment of focus and energy is worth it through the holidays. 


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