Transform Rejection Into Action and Become Unstoppable in Your Network Marketing Business

by Sonia Stringer

One of the hardest things about building a business is dealing with “rejection.”

When you have amazing products and a life-changing opportunity, it’s HARD when people say NO!

Women seem to be especially sensitive to rejection, and for many, it’s the #1 thing standing in the way of the income and lifestyle you want.

Thankfully, you can learn how to overcome rejection and be UNSTOPPABLE in your business. (When you do this, your results can change really quickly!)

Watch this video below, and learn 5 ways you can instantly transform rejection into action, including:

… Why women are “hardwired” for rejection (and why feeling the way we do is NOT our fault)…

…1 simple mindset shift that makes it easier when people say NO…

…1 simple “trick” that builds your confidence (and can help you boost your sales and recruit new leaders)…

… How to coach yourself so that you are “rejection-proof” and take a LOT of action in your business…

… How to help your team move through rejection so they get results and stay in action…

Like what you learned? Want to learn more?

This video was taken from an episode of “Savvy Women TV” – a TV show dedicated to WOMEN in network marketing and direct sales.

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Sonia Stringer is a professional speaker, business coach, and popular mentor to over 500,000 women in the network marketing/direct selling profession.  Sonia is an expert in “elegant influence” and renowned for her ability to help women sell and recruit in a way that is comfortable, classy, and highly effective. Find out more about her free training resources, coaching programs, and live events at

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