Use “Virtual Parties” on Facebook to Sell Products and Recruit Leaders (Anywhere in the World!)

by Sonia Stringer

If you’re like many gals in network marketing/direct sales, I bet setting meetings with prospects is a constant challenge and source of frustration.

Whether you’re asking someone to host an in-home party or event, attend one of your local opportunity meetings, or even meet you for coffee (so you can share more about your products or business)…

…people are busy, and trying to get a firm commitment is tough.

That’s why you need to know about “virtual events” or “virtual parties”.  

Many savvy women are now leveraging the power of the internet (and specifically Facebook) to host these powerful, on-line events.

Leading a virtual party or event makes it easy and convenient for people to connect with you, and find out about your products and business (whether they live in your own local area, or anywhere in the world!)

Top leader and master recruiter Aimee Crist has mastered the “virtual party” approach.

Watch this short video to learn her simple 5-step system. You’ll not only learn how to lead a virtual party, but also how to add a lot of value to people (while you generate more sales and grow your team).


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