When to Follow Up With Prospects for Best Results – Kimmy Brooke

by Sonia Stringer

It’s hard to know exactly WHEN (and how many times) to follow up with people.

You don’t want to miss out on a sale or chance to bring on a great new business partner…

…BUT you also don’t want to bug people, or come across as a “desperate stalker”.

7-Figure leader Kimmy Brooke is the QUEEN of follow up!

Watch this short video to learn….

    • Her simple “mindset shift” that will take the fear out of follow up…
    • Why using Facebook messenger is one of the best tools to follow up with prospects…
    • Why the NO’s you hear are NEVER personal (and how to turn them into YES’s)…
    • The magic question to ask so you know the PERFECT time to follow up (so people will take your call)…
    • The number of times you may need to follow up before most people say YES.

These ideas will make following up with prospects a LOT more fun, and definitely help you get better results.

Kimmy Brooke is also the author of the very popular recruiting tool – “The 4 Year Career for Women”.

She’s also my special guest on my next TV SHOW, exclusively for women in network marketing.

I HIGHLY encourage you to join us LIVE as Kimmy is a MASTER at recruiting people (in a very elegant and heart-centered way).

She’ll show you the exact things she did to get to become a TOP LEADER in her company in just 90 days (these are things you can EASILY duplicate!)

Mark your calendar for June 6th at 1 PM PT (4 PM ET).

If you’d like to get a REMINDER before we go live…

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