What Women Need to Know to Balance Business and Family and Create a Life We Love

by SoniaStringer

Can women today truly “have it all”? A great career/income, quality time with kids and family, and enough flexibility in our schedules to get to an occasional yoga class or a lunch out with the girls? This is the most common issue women face today, and is certainly one of the main reasons so many are starting network marketing or direct sales businesses.

This profession provides the best (perhaps the only) opportunity for women to make great money, do work that is fun and fulfilling, and still have quality time for family and other top priorities. Women today have more opportunity and choice than in any previous generation.

For the first time in history, we can design a life that allows us to have a fabulous career and a fulfilling family life. Even so – the path is new, and challenging, and we still have a lot to learn. No one addresses this issue better (and with more humor, wit, authenticity, and compassion) than Elizabeth Gilbert.

You may know her as the author of the best selling bookEat Pray Love”. (As you’ll see in this video, she is equally skilled at expressing herself in front of a microphone as she is on paper). Do yourself a favor and watch this short video clip. It’s full of powerful insights regarding the challenges and opportunities women face today, and some very practical tips that will help you design a life and business you love. More importantly, you’ll learn how to be a lot more compassionate with yourself and experience a greater sense of peace as you journey on the road to “having it all”. I hope you love this as much as I do!


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