Private Coaching with Sonia

What’s Standing Between You… and Your ULTIMATE Business and Life?

Have you reached a certain level of success, but find your business growth is hitting a plateau? Do you have a great business, but not much time to enjoy your life? These are common experiences for many women who reach the top of their network marketing/direct sales companies.

Why does it happen? Whatever got you to your current level of success – is generally not enough to get you to the next. Many successful women know how to BUILD a business – but not how to LEVERAGE a business (and set it up so it continues to grow –without requiring as much from you). That involves a very different set of skills and expertise.

Sometimes in order to move from where you are (to where you REALLY want to be) YOU must change. We all have “blind spots” (limiting beliefs, sabotaging behaviors and unconscious habits) that keep us from moving forward. It’s challenging (if not impossible) to spot these issues on your own. This is where having your own “personal coach” can make all the difference.

Why Hiring a Coach Can Be the Most Life-Changing Decision You’ll Ever Make.

Partnering with a coach is like lighting a fire under you business (and maybe even adding some gasoline)! This kind of relationship can spark your business and get it moving faster than any other kind of support.
Why? A great coach has the experience, strategies, skills and insights that will save you YEARS of struggle and frustration. Rather that working blindly on your own – you’ll have a proven roadmap (and a trusted guide) to help you identify exactly what’s missing in your business, and get support in making those changes.

Besides solid business knowledge – a great coach also has the ability to SEE you; your strengths, your weaknesses, and how YOU need to shift and grow so that the success and results you want happen easily. As a byproduct, you’ll create a fun, fulfilling business that provides you with a great income, more free time, and the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others.

Why Do Top Leaders Hire Sonia?

Sonia Stringer is just this kind of coach. She’s worked with hundreds of women in the network marketing/direct sales profession, including personally coaching over 860+ top female leaders in a variety of companies, (women earning a 6 and 7 figure annual income).

This experience (matched with over 16 years spent growing her own successful business) has positioned Sonia as an exceptionally knowledgeable and skilled mentor for women wanting to build a successful business from home.

“Sonia’s helped me stay a step ahead as my team has grown significantly, and most importantly, manage my time, my leaders and myself so that my business did not take over my life.She has been invaluable in helping me get clear on my absolute critical priorities, and let go of the other “stuff” I once had to do to build my business (but that was no longer serving me). As a result, my income has grown, I am more balanced and thrilled to really be living the ultimate lifestyle that I have been after all along.”
Dana Collins – ENVP, Top Ten Income Earner

Arbonne International
“By working with Sonia, I have made some pivotal changes in my business and how I work with my team. I am no longer putting out fires or just staying busy — but being much more aware of how I spend my time to be the most productive I can.I am truly grateful for Sonia’s expertise – I reached NVP level while working with her, and have doubled my income per month because of the skills I’ve learned.”
Becky Potterbaum – ENVP, Top Ten Income Earner
Arbonne International

How Can Sonia Help You?

Sonia works with top leaders to leverage the business you’ve built. She can help you in a variety of ways, from expanding your warm market and attracting new leaders, to coaching and leadership ideas for your existing team.

She can help you set up support and systems to maximize your time, or utilize the power of social media and the internet to expand your business into new areas. (Every leader is unique so the coaching is completely customized to what is most important for you and your specific goals).
In simple terms, she can help you to:

…structure your business so you have more free time
(and can live more your ideal life NOW)…

…make a lot more money, while actually working
FEWER hours…

…uncover your “blind spots” and make shifts – so you can grow your business with a lot less effort and stress…

…have a lot more fun and balance – while you achieve your most important goals…

…set up the support and leverage technology, so you can spend a lot more time in your business doing what you love…

… become masterful at coaching others to sell/sponsor – so your team can duplicate your results more easily…

…learn how to deliver group presentations/classes that sell MORE products and easily attract new business partners..

…turn your business into a vehicle so you can make a huge difference for others, and create a legacy for you and your family….

“What I have learned (from Sonia) has helped me streamline my business, put in new systems, hire a great assistant, stop wasting time on the wrong things and accomplish my qualification for the top level of my company. I am spending more time doing what I love in my business and creating better results without working as hard. I have also developed a new way to work with my team, and know how to coach them so they are also enjoying their business and getting better results. I believe (what Sonia teaches) are powerful tools and skills that could transform anyone’s business.”
Natalie Gauci – NVP, Arbonne International
“Since (working with Sonia) my business has exploded and my income has doubled. I always had the motivation and commitment but I lacked direction and effective strategies. Working with Sonia gave me the tools and the strategies that I needed to do to bring my business to the next level. Sonia has really helped me design my business so it doesn’t take over my life. I would recommend this approach to any leader who wants to grow your business AND live an ideal lifestyle.”
Lisa Beicker – ENVP, Arbonne International

“Your Dreams + My Expertise & Plan = A Very Exciting Business and Life”

Effortless business – amazing life – making a real difference in the world….
How good can you stand it?

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“You cannot always wait for the perfect time… sometimes you must dare to jump”