The Feminine Factor - Your Opportunity, Your Obstacles, Your Chance to Change the World!
Sonia Stringer

To: Women in network marketing/direct sales who want to make more money and impact more lives…

From: Sonia Stringer, business coach and mentor to 150,000+ savvy women across this profession…

Hello and welcome!

If you’re like many of the amazing women I’ve coached, I bet you’re very inspired to build a business that can help other people (while also creating an exciting income and lifestyle for you and your family).

No doubt — network marketing/direct sales is one of the best business opportunities for women (which certainly explains why over 80% of this profession is made up of our kind)!

Although this is a fairly “simple” business, it’s not always easy. Women face unique challenges when building a business from home, which can leave you feeling alone and frustrated. If you’re like most women, you’re probably working through issues like…

stressed lady
    • Limited Time – Are you feeling overwhelmed trying to grow your business while juggling everything else on your plate (kids, family, another job)?
    • Dealing With Mommy Guilt – Did you start your biz so you could spend MORE time with your family (but now find you’re actually spending LESS?)Would you love to make more money and ramp up your team (but don’t want to neglect your kids in the process)?
    • Feeling like a Used Car Salesman – Do you feel uncomfortable talking to prospects about your products or biz opportunity (and find yourself holding back when you really should be sharing)?Or – when you do approach others, do you find they don’t take you seriously and are quick to dismiss what you do as “some kind of pyramid thing”.
arguing couple
  • Spouse/Partner Not on Board – Is your spouse or partner “less than thrilled” with the time/energy/money you’re investing in your biz (leaving you feeling extra stressed and unsupported?)Do you wish your family (and those you care about most) were more encouraging or supportive of your biz?
  • Shaky Belief and Activity – do the “no’s and rejection get to you (and are slowly eating away at your confidence and belief?)Do you know you need to be in more “biz building activity” but find it hard to motivate yourself to pick up the phone or get out and network?
  • Want to Inspire Your Team to Take More Action – do you have a team full of “people with potential” but they just aren’t taking enough action?Are you feeling worn out with recruiting and training people, only to watch them do nothing in your biz (or worse, give up altogether?)

These are just a handful of the common challenges women deal with every day. What makes things extra challenging for women is that most “traditional training” you’ve been exposed to (generally designed or led by MEN) misses the mark when it comes to providing the specific help YOU need to build a successful business from home.

So what’s a girl to do?

Thankfully, there are answers to ALL of these challenges and more. And, the best place to get support is directly from other WOMEN, successful female leaders who’ve navigated through many of the obstacles that are keeping you stuck.

That’s exactly what you’ll learn in the “Feminine Factor Livecast” video series!

What are the “Feminine Factor Livecast Videos” and
how can they help me build my business?

group picture

Not long ago, I had the privilege of organizing and leading a truly “history making” event. For the first time ever, top female leaders (from many DIFFERENT network marketing/direct sales companies) came together with one clear intention; to share their hard-earned business building tips with other women, with the goal of helping everybody be more successful.

I gathered everyone together in a film studio in San Diego, and we broadcast the entire day live (just like a TV show) over the internet. For over 8 hours these savvy women (and my invited guests) shared powerful business building strategies — the exact ideas WOMEN are using to build a 6 – 7 figure business AND create an exciting lifestyle for themselves and their families.

Thousands of women from around the world tuned in to take part in this event, and we were all touched to see the positive comments that flooded in. (Here’s just a quick sample of the feedback we received throughout the day…)

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four women

Honestly, what touched me the most was witnessing so many smart, amazing women collaborating together with a genuine desire to help each other make more money and create a better lifestyle for their families!

I knew the tips and strategies that came out of the day were going to be worth their weight in gold, so (thankfully) I had the foresight to get the entire day filmed on video, and (good news for you) that footage is now available.

Now YOU can also take part in this day (via the video recordings) and learn proven strategies that can make an immediate difference in your belief and confidence, your ability to find and recruit strong leaders, manage your time, coach your team (and even get more support on the home front!)

Here’s a quick summary of what you’ll learn in all 8 sessions:

Session 1
Session #1: The Big Opportunity

How Building a Business is Your Ticket to a Life You Love

session 1

  • Why the corporate track isn’t working for women, and why starting a business is the smartest choice you can make.
  • Three global trends that will help you attract new leaders into your team (important stats and facts you must know!)
  • Success stories of top female leaders — 5 inspiring examples of the kinds of women you can (and should) be recruiting.
  • The personal and family payoff – how building a biz will change your life in unexpected ways.

Featuring: Sonia Stringer, Kimmy Everett, Margie Aliprandi, Romi Neustadt, Sarah Zolecki, Pamela Barnum

Session 2
Session #2: The Global Impact

How Women in Network Marketing / Direct Sales Are Changing the World

session 2

  • Business as gender equalizer — why entrepreneurship is the solution for women worldwide.
  • Global trends you need to know about network marketing and direct sales (this will build more belief than ever)!
  • Inspiring stories — 6 real women, and how they are changing lives through their businesses (this is info you have to share!)
  • The long term impact — how female entrepreneurs are part of an exciting global shift that is going to change everything!

Featuring: Sonia Stringer, Dr. Josephine Gross, Editor of Networking Times

Session 3
Session #3: The “Moms Mean Business”

How to Build a Successful Business Without Abandoning Your Family

session 3

  • The “Balance Issue” – what women must do to excel in business, without burning yourself out.
  • Tips to deal with “mommy guilt” – the mindset that will help you experience more peace so you can get things done.
  • How to get help – the specific support/systems moms need to accomplish more. (This is must know info!)
  • 3 ways to involve your kids / family in your biz so they feel included and everyone wins.
  • The key agreements to set up so you get work done – and still get quality time with your family.
  • How building your business influences your kids; 5 inspiring stories of the next round of entrepreneurs!

Featuring: Sonia Stringer, Kimmy Everett, Margie Aliprandi, Romi Neustadt, Sarah Zolecki, Pamela Barnum

Session 4
Session #4: Spousal Support

How to Collaborate as a Couple to Change Your Lifestyle

session 4

  • What to do when your spouse doesn’t “get it” — keys to staying inspired and in action when you’re doing this all on your own.
  • How to deal with the “this is getting expensive” issue.
  • Keys you need to know before you partner up (this will save you a lot of time and frustration).
  • Working together: how to ramp up your biz by recognizing your individual strengths.

Featuring: Sonia Stringer, Pamela and Kevin Barnum, Sarah and Tony Zolecki

Session 5
Session #5: Women as Influencers

How to Become Super Effective at Selling and Sponsoring
(While Being Totally True to Yourself)

session 5

  • Dispelling the “Big Myth” – 5 examples of how women are AWESOME at selling and recruiting (and how you can be too).
  • Natural strengths women have that create major influence with prospects (without being sales-y or obnoxious).
  • Networking keys – the secret to finding great leads in your business – proven strategies that really work (and will save you a lot of time).
  • Communication strategies – the critical things you must say so that people buy and join your team.
  • Secrets of the superstars – 5 specific things you must do to find and recruit people who will take your team to the top of your company.

Featuring: Sonia Stringer, Kimmy Everett, Margie Aliprandi, Romi Neustadt, Sarah Zolecki, Pamela Barnum

Session 6
Session #6: The Art of Self-Motivation

How to Build Your Belief and Ignite Your Activity

session 6

  • The exact steps to “ignite your self-motivation” so it’s easier to take massive action in your biz.
  • The difference between creating a “vision” vs “setting goals” — and why one is the ultimate key to getting what you want.
  • The “4 Greatest Lies of Success” we’ve been taught that just aren’t working — and the #1 thing that makes ALL the difference in creating the income you desire.
  • How “being authentic” is a major source of power for women, and how to leverage this trait to create better results in your business.
  • The biggest current threat to the network marketing/direct sales profession. What you must do to protect your business and ensure your income continues to grow.

Featuring: Sonia Stringer, The Legendary Richard Brooke

Session 7
Session #7: Women as Leaders

How Our “Feminine Factor” is Shifting the Planet in an Exciting New Direction

session 7

  • The critical keys women must know if they want to lead men (or even other women) effectively.
  • The comparison trap — how to stop judging yourself and the specific things that can build unshakable confidence and belief in yourself.
  • How to build a “team culture” that ignites people’s potential and drives activity.
  • Women’s “secret weapon” — the 1 thing that inspires others to let you lead them anywhere.
  • How women with economic power are creating a tidal wave of global change (and what role you play in this exciting movement).

Featuring: Sonia Stringer, Kimmy Everett, Margie Aliprandi, Romi Neustadt, Sarah Zolecki, Pamela Barnum

Session 8
Session #8: Laugh Your Way to Success

Important Keys to Build a Team and Live the Dream!

session 8

  • How knowing and harnessing your own unique gifts and “personal purpose” can make building your business feel effortless.
  • The kind of “expectations” you need if you want to support your team in accomplishing their biggest goals and dreams.
  • Specific keys to help you overcome disappointments and challenges, so you stay inspired and in action until you get the results you want.
  • How the roles of women are dramatically changing, and what you need to know to build a business that will work for this generation, and the next one too.
  • Leadership skills that make all the difference for women! How to inspire you team to dig deeper, dream bigger and pull off the impossible.

Featuring: Sonia Stringer and The Incomparable Rita Davenport

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Meet Your Mentors

The leaders involved in the Feminine Factor day are truly inspiring and amazing people. I’m sure you’ll recognize many of these names (others may be new to you…) but every one of these guests has accomplished a lot in the network marketing/direct sales profession. They have important insights that will move YOU forward leaps and bounds in building your own business.

Click each photo for a bio…

Rita Davenport

Rita Davenport

Margie Aliprandi

Margie Aliprandi

Kimmy Everett

Kimmy Everett

Romi Neustadt

Romi Neustadt

Josephine Gross

Josephine Gross

Richard Brooke

Richard Brooke

Tony Zolecki

Tony Zolecki

Sarah Zolecki

Sarah Zolecki

Pamela Barnum

Pamela Barnum

Kevin Barnum

Kevin Barnum

Margie Aliprandi

Margie Aliprandi is an author, international speaker and trainer, and icon in the network marketing industry.

When Margie began her career in network marketing, she was a junior high school music teacher and struggling single mom. Her business now spans 29 countries with a team of over 250,000 worldwide. She achieved a 5 figure monthly income within a year and millionaire status within three years. Margie was the first in her company to achieve the top rank of Crown Diamond. She has received every possible award in her company, including International Distributor of the Year three times. She is the visionary behind the “1000 Moms Making $1000 and Making A Difference” campaign which seeks to empower women to make a difference in their own lives, while making a difference in the lives of others.

Margie brings her unique perspective and heart for the network marketing profession, and has built a reputation for combining time-tested business-building strategies with a keen understanding of how to build a successful business in the 21st Century. Her ability to inspire with her real life experience “in the trenches” makes her a powerful and sought after trainer.

Margie is the author of Take Charge, Heal Yourself as well as her latest book, How to Get Absolutely Anything You Want. Her success story has been featured in The Greatest Networkers In The World, as well as The Four Year Career, Money Makers Monthly, Networking Times, Home Business Connection, It’s Time For Network Marketing, The Network Marketing Magazine, Guerilla Multilevel Marketing and Capture the Mindshare and the Market Share Will Follow. You can also see her in recent movies like “Pass It On Today” and “Go For No”.

Kimmy Everett

Not long ago, Kimmy Everett was a single mom struggling to pay her rent. Although she loved her job as fundraiser for a popular school in Hawaii, she didn’t love the hours (over 60 a week) or the low pay.

After being introduced to a product that made a huge difference in her health, Kimmy became curious about the company behind it. If the product worked this well, could the business opportunity be as good?

She decided to find out, and within 90 days of working her business “part time” she reached the top level of leadership in her company. Her “secret to success” lay in building her business simply, quickly, and most importantly – coming from the heart with everyone she met. Kimmy’s authentic approach to business attracted people who previously “weren’t that interested in network marketing” into her team, and helped her create one of the fastest growing organizations in the field.

In just under three years, Kimmy is now the #1 income earner in her company, and has developed a team of tens of thousands of distributors spanning 9 different countries. The income she now makes in a year would have taken 20 years to earn at her previous job! More importantly, Kimmy loves the flexibility her new business has brought to her life, giving her the opportunity to travel with her daughter and introduce her to life-changing experiences.

Kimmy has earned a profession-wide reputation of being an authentic, caring leader and is is especially skilled at building a “team culture” that is purpose-driven and keeps people inspired. Kimmy is especially motivated to help other women achieve the financial and lifestyle success she’s been able to enjoy, and is a huge advocate for changing the world by empowering more women through business.

Romi Neustadt

Romi Neustadt worked as a successful lawyer and award-winning PR consultant before joining her network marketing company. Her motivation? To spend more time with her two young children and take on a new challenge that would use her strengths, give her a more flexible lifestyle, and make a real impact on others.

Within 3 years, she’s become a 7-figure earner in her company (she just experienced her first 6-figure MONTH) and has earned many prestigious awards and honors in the process. She was one of the first to earn a Lexus and reach the top of her company’s pay plan, to be awarded the status of “Top Recruiter”, inducted into her company’s Hall of Fame and serve as a Leadership Advisory Board Member. Ask Romi what she’s most proud of however, and she’ll brag about her team’s success and how thrilled she is to see them reaching their goals and dreaming bigger.

In addition to all her business success, Romi is passionate about helping women “Live Full Out” and experience more fulfillment in all areas of their lives.

Tony Zolecki

Tony Zolecki is a top leader in his company, with over 15 years experience in building a network marketing business.  He started out with a “traditional career” in finance, working on Wall Street in New York, before moving into a high level position in the automotive industry. All was going well until he discovered network marketing and realized there was a lot more to life than a 9-5 job was going to provide. He jumped in with a passion, and his life has never been the same.

In 2005 while attending a company event, he met the love of his life – Sarah (and the rest as they say is history)!  Over the last seven years they’ve been working together, not only as husband and wife, but also as business partners, growing one of the largest teams in their company. They’ve learned invaluable lessons about how to build a business as a couple, and are extremely skilled at playing off each other’s strengths. This past year they added son Hudson to the mix, and are thrilled to have lots of “hands on time” with him while working their business from home.

Along the way, Tony and Sarah have picked up numerous awards and accolades, including “Leader of the Year” from amongst thousands of distributors. Their team has grown into a dozen different countries, providing them with the opportunity to travel extensively and inspire thousands of people around the world to dream bigger and create financial freedom. Tony and Sarah believe the secret to building a successful business is using third party tools, being product focused, following a duplicable system, and always grooming the next generation of leadership.

Rita Davenport


Rita Davenport has definitely earned the title of “a true legend” — both in and outside of the network marketing profession.

She started her career as a social worker and teacher before becoming producer and host of her very successful cable television show “Success Strategies” based in Phoenix, Arizona. Rita also made her mark as a coveted platform speaker, earning the rare honor of being listed in the “National Speakers Association Hall of Fame.” She has shared the stage many times with fellow legends such as John Maxwell, Erma Bombeck, Les Brown, Jack Canfield, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Mark Victor Hansen, Tom Hopkins, Og Mandino, Denis Waitley, and Zig Ziglar.

An entrepreneur at heart, Rita recognized early on the huge potential that network marketing offered women. When she was introduced to a personal care company with products she loved, she jumped at the opportunity to build a business and quickly rose to the top level of that company.

In 1991 she became President of her company, and over the next twenty years, helped grow her organization to nearly $1 billion in annual sales and more than a million independent representatives. Her vision, outrageous sense of humor, heart-centered approach to business and unwavering enthusiasm for personal growth has inspired tens of thousands of women to dream bigger and tap into their highest potential, making Rita one of the most impactful leaders of all time in the network marketing/direct sales profession. Her story has been featured in many national magazines, such as SUCCESS, People, Networking Times, and Working at Home.

Rita has been honored for her contributions to women many times, including being named “Outstanding Young Woman in America”, “Arizona’s Woman of the Year”, and is an active supporter to women’s causes such as the Sojourner Center and Faces In the Mirror.

She continues to speak and consult for major companies and has just released her most recent inspiring book — “Funny Side Up” is now available at

Richard Brooke

Richard Bliss Brooke is a 35-year veteran of the Network Marketing profession, a former member of the Board of Directors of the Direct Selling Association, a senior member of the DSA Ethics Committee, and the owner of two Network Marketing companies.

Richard built a team of 30,000 active partners within 3 years, then went on to “turn around” a struggling Network Marketing company, and then became its CEO, a role he still holds today.

In March 1992, SUCCESS magazine featured Richard and his company on its cover. This was the first time a mainstream business magazine featured Network Marketing in a positive light. He has since continued to earn millions and has coached tens of thousands to earn $500 to $50,000 a month, and more.

Richard is the author of Mach II: The Art of Personal Vision and Self Motivation, and The Four Year Career®. Through his transformational development company, Bliss Business, Richard conducts personal and leadership development workshops and retreats where participants experience the art of listening, vision, self-motivation, leadership, coaching, and action plans.

Sarah Zolecki

Sarah Zolecki has literally “grown up” in the network marketing profession, as she joined her first company when in her early twenties. After climbing the corporate ladder as a recruiter for a major corporation, Sarah realized early on that her opportunities for advancement (or a life!) were pretty limited in her 9 to 5 world. She bravely stepped out of her secure job, and into developing a network marketing business full time. Since then she’s been on (in her own words) a “personal development journey of a lifetime” which has made her a top leader in her company, and helped her build a global team in over 20 countries.

Sarah is one of the top-rated female industry trainers and is known for her contagious passion for people, and for the profession! Over the years, she’s racked up many awards, including Distributor of the Year, Driver of the Year (twice) and her company’s top Leadership Award (out of over 300,000 distributors). Her infectious sense of humor, and raw and authentic style of teaching inspires men and women everywhere to believe in themselves and breakthrough to new levels of success.

Sarah met her husband Tony “in the biz” and together they’ve built a large organization, and learned a lot about what it takes to build a successful business as a husband/wife team! Sarah recently became a mom to her son Hudson, and is now learning a whole new set of skills juggling mommy duty alongside her business. As crazy as things can get, she claims she “wouldn’t change it for anything”.

Pamela Barnum

Pamela Barnum is a perfect example of the unique women who are currently getting involved in the network marketing/direct sales profession. She met her husband Kevin while both were working as undercover police officers — posing as a couple to infiltrate drug dealers in Canada. She went on to complete law school and became Federal Crown Prosecutor, trying drug offenders at the National level.  As Kevin advanced in the police force and their son Kaleb arrived, Pamela found herself juggling a very busy family with a “more than full” professional career, without my time or energy to do much else. Something had to change.

She and husband Kevin investigated several options to leverage their time and income, before being introduced to a wellness product by a neighbor. At first neither Pam nor Kevin had much interest in developing a business, but positive experiences with the products (for both themselves and friends) opened their minds enough to investigate further. Within 6 months, they were earning a 6-figure income, and within 18 months both she and Kevin were able to replace their combined $250k in salaries and resigned from their full-time jobs.

Pamela and Kevin now lead one of the fastest growing teams within their company — with distributors throughout Canada the US, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand and Mexico, and have received awards such as Fastest Growing Business 2010, Rising Star 2011, Shooting Star 2012 as well as being members of the Field Advisory Board.

In addition to all their accolades, Pamela and Kevin have learned a great deal about the dynamics of building a successful business as a couple. They now coach many other professionals to leave their stressful 9-5 jobs behind and to “work less and live more”.

Kevin Barnum

Kevin Barnum spent 22 years as a Police Officer in Canada, working as a canine handler and in other specialized units. He and wife Pamela met when both were working undercover as police officers, posing as a couple to infiltrate drug dealers in Canada.  Although he enjoyed his career, Kevin knew early on that the traditional 9-5 world was not going to provide his family with the income or time freedom they wanted.

After researching and experimenting with several ways to build wealth (including investing in real estate, stock markets and franchising) Pam and Kevin were introduced to a nutritional health program through a neighbor. Although Kevin initially “wanted nothing to do with mlm” he eventually became more open-minded after experiencing tremendous benefits from the products, and learning more about how the business really worked.

He and Pamela jumped in, and within 18 months they were able to replace their combined incomes of $250,000 and leave their previous careers to build their business full time. Since that time, they’ve developed one of the fastest growing teams in their company, ranking in the Top 50 internationally, and Top 10 within Canada.

In addition to all these successes, Kevin and Pamela have learned a lot about growing a business as a couple. They’ve learned how to balance their unique strengths as individuals, and how best to work together as a team. They now coach other professionals who are ready to leave the “rat race” and duplicate their financial and lifestyle success. He and Pam currently live in Fernie, British Columbia and spend their time skiing and enjoying tons of quality time with their son Kaleb.

Josephine Gross

Dr. Josephine Gross is Co-Founder and Editor in Chief of Networking Times and Dean of Faculty for Networking University. Born and raised in Belgium, she came to the U.S. to do her Ph.D. in languages at Stanford University.

Together with her husband Chris Gross, she founded Networking Times in 2001, and today it is the leading publication for Network Marketing in the world. Available on newsstands across North America and the U.K., Networking Times focuses on helping professional networkers build the right skill set and mindset to be successful in their businesses. An advertisement-free educational journal, it provides powerful third-party validation for the networking profession.

Networking University is an online learning institution centered around weekly live webinars, e-learning modules, a certification program, and live events. Its mission is to provide generic training and ongoing education to networking professionals by teaching them to build their business with greater skill, integrity, and responsibility.

Josephine’s broader purpose and philosophical intent is to explore business practices based on the interconnectedness of all life. She believes that if we bring more consciousness to the way we do business, we can build a sustainable economy and a more balanced world. Her speaking topics include the Rising Economic Power of Women, How Network Marketing Is Helping Emerging Economies, The Feminine Side of Leadership and Happiness in Business.

Josephine interviews Network Marketing leaders from all over the world, asking them exactly how they built their businesses so readers can instantly benefit from their experience and shorten their learning curve. The perspective she brings to the profession is truly international, and her heart-centered listening approach brings out what it is that makes network marketers extraordinary.

Who Is Perfect for This Training?

cheering group

This is a completely generic event (no company names or endorsements here…) so no matter which company you are with (or what level you’re at) you’re going to love what you learn.

You’ll find these videos especially helpful if…

  • You’re working hard but not yet making the money you hoped to be in your biz…
  • You’re having some success sharing your products (but can’t seem to find any serious business builders)…
  • You’re juggling a LOT and would love to learn how to grow your biz with less time, struggle and effort…
  • You just started with your company and want to grow your biz in the fastest, most effective way…
  • You’re a more experienced leader who would love some powerful new ideas to motivate your team…
  • You’d love to ignite a new level of activity within your group…
  • You have a team made up of women and would love to know how to bring out their best…
  • You want to recruit new leaders and grow your biz in a comfortable, authentic and elegant manner…

Whether you’re a total newbie or top leader, man or woman – you’ll pick up some powerful, practical and easy-to-use ideas to grow your team and income in the weeks to come.

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Lead Generation Blueprint
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