Sonia Stringer

Sonia Stringer is a professional speaker, coach and popular mentor to women in the network marketing/direct selling profession. Known as “The Women’s Business Coach,” she is fast becoming the “go to expert” for women who want to build a 6-figure+ business and a lifestyle that honors their most important priorities.

As founder of the “Savvy Women Leadership Academy” she has created a dynamic program that empowers women around the world with the tools and training to build a solid business from home and lifestyle you love.

Sonia’s reputation for excellence and integrity has spread throughout the profession. She has shared her vast experience and unique approach to business in many ways, including as a:

  • Regular contributor to “Upline” and “Networking Times” Magazines as well as featured guest for “Build it Big” Radio Show, sponsored by the Direct Selling Women’s Association
  • Popular speaker at national conferences and leadership retreats
  • Founding faculty member of “Networking Times University” –a leading source of information, training and on-line programs for network marketing professionals.
  • Personal coach to over 860 top female leaders in network marketing/ direct selling companies, several of them have become top 10 Income Earners within their company.
  • Author of upcoming book “Savvy Network Marketing Women” to be released in 2011
  • And through a variety of tools, articles and other resources offered on website

Choosing Into the Entrepreneurial Life

Born in a very small town in a remote area of British Columbia, Canada – becoming an entrepreneur was the farthest thing from Sonia’s mind growing up.

However, after pursuing studies in drama and music (and experiencing the grind of a “9-5 job”) it wasn’t long before Sonia realized that to have the income, freedom and lifestyle she really wanted, she was going to have to go into business for herself.


Her ambitions and love of personal development led her to work with peak performance expert Anthony Robbins, where she eventually became a National Sales Trainer, traveling extensively throughout the US and Canada to deliver sales and leadership training for major companies.

As part of her work – Sonia was also responsible for the sales and marketing of Tony’s programs and products. Working on 100% commission, Sonia cut her entrepreneurial teeth as part of a small “SWAT” team  comprised of elite trainers and sales professionals.

This small group would fly into new cities and “set up shop” for a few months at a time, rolling out intensive  marketing campaigns to promote Tony’s work to local companies and business organizations.

As the only woman in a small team of men, Sonia developed some invaluable skills to sell and influence people (speaking in front of large groups as well as directly, one-to-one, with major decision makers).  Together, she and her team would generate $800k- $1million in sales and build a customer base of 2-3000 people in the span of about EIGHT weeks – before picking up and starting over in a brand new city.

Over the span of 4 years, Sonia worked and lived in 16 major cities and received a “life changing” education in business and personal development. This experience would serve her well as she moved forward to start her own company in 1998.

Serving the Network Marketing – Direct Selling Profession

Through her work with Tony, Sonia had been invited to speak for several major network marketing / direct selling companies across North America. Her connection with this growing profession continued when she launched her own training/coaching business in 1998.

Since that time, Sonia has worked with top leaders (as well as their teams) in many companies, including ArbonneMary Kay, Nikken, Usana, Pampered Chef, Southern Living, Mannatech, Herbalife, Univera, Beauti ControlAvonPrePaid LegalMonavie and others.


Through her workshops, keynotes, coaching programs, products and virtual training programs, her business now serves thousands of network marketing and direct selling professionals from around the globe.

Sonia’s programs have been described by some of her students as “the missing piece” they’ve needed to create a successful business – and build it in an authentic, heart-centered way that’s felt in alignment with their most important values and goals.

Woman in a Man’s World: Finding Her Path

As a female entrepreneur, Sonia also struggled with the typical challenges women face when stepping into business.

During her early days in business, Sonia was definitely a “woman in a man’s world” – her mentors were men, she worked alongside men, and her clients were mostly men. Although she learned some invaluable skills from her male role models, there were some important pieces missing.

When she started her own business in 1998, it quickly took off but her success felt a bit hollow; she had a thriving business and growing income, but her life was out of balance and she had no time to enjoy it. 

Sonia also realized she had sacrificed too much of her “feminine self” in the process, and longed for an opportunity to do business in a way that felt more “authentic”

With this in mind, Sonia spent several years seeking an alternative approach to business that felt more in alignment. She studied with both business and spiritual mentors, and sought out other women entrepreneurs who were building successful business ventures – but on their terms. Sonia learned how to leverage her time and re-structure her business so that it could continue to grow, but also gave her much more balance and life beyond her business.

Her business now serves clients globally, and continues to grow each year. Most importantly, it is a vehicle for Sonia to share her own unique brand of wisdom, humor, strategy and serve as an example of how women can truly “be themselves” and “be successful.”

Paying it Forward – How Sonia is Helping Other Women Succeed on Their Terms

Sonia’s business success has morphed into a mission to help other women create “authentic business success”. In 2011, Sonia launched the “Savvy Women Leadership Academy” a unique one-of-a-kind program providing customized training and tools to help WOMEN in network marketing/direct sales build a 6-figure+ business and an ideal lifestyle.

Drawing on her own entrepreneurial lessons – as well as the invaluable perspective she gained as a personal coach to 860+ of the most successful women in the network marketing/direct selling profession – Sonia’s shares proven strategies that are making a huge difference for the women in her program.


Her students are learning how to navigate the unique challenges women face when building a business from home – including how to leverage their time, set up support, sell and sponsor in a way that feels authentic (and works) and many other critical business skills. Most importantly, they are learning how to create success without sacrificing their femininity – or their families – in the process.


What’s Next?  Leadership and Legacy!

Sonia sees a global shift occurring as more and more women step into their financial and personal power through entrepreneurship. Network marketing/direct selling companies will be one of the most profound opportunities for this, changing lives for women and their families in North America and around the world.

With the right training and support – Sonia envisions more women rising to top leadership levels and becoming true “role models” of what’s possible for women, both in income AND quality of life.

Her clients often tell her that her approach is “changing the way people do network marketing…” and her sincere desire is that more women will recognize the unique opportunity that this profession offers.

She is excited to share her experience to support women in this exciting time of transformation. Her new book “Savvy Network Marketing Women” will be released in 2011.