What do the most successful athletes, entertainers and business people have in common? They know that working with a coach is one of the smartest decisions you can make to tap into your full potential and create extraordinary results.

More than just a “business coach” – Sonia is before all else, a successful entrepreneur who’s “been there and done it”. She knows firsthand what it takes to build a successful business, and design it so you have a ‘life beyond your business’ too.

Sonia provides the roadmap, proven strategies, and invaluable feedback that will help you accomplish your goals (with a lot less time and struggle than working on your own). From online programs to live, in-person mentoring, she has a number of ways to help you build your dream business and a life you love.

Welcome to a Revolutionary Mentoring Program for WOMEN – the “Savvy Women Leadership Academy”

Sonia launched the “Savvy Women Leadership Academy” to provide women in network marketing/direct sales with the customized training and strategies we need to build a thriving business.

As a member of the program, you’ll have access to a proven plan and the exact strategies top female leaders are using to generate a fabulous income from home.

You’ll learn practical skills to stay inspired and in activity, where to find great prospects, how to sell and sponsor (in a way that works for women), ways to leverage your time, create more systems and support – and become a powerful leader in the process.

You’ll also have a ‘front row seat’ to learn directly from talented guest experts – women who have accomplished the results you want and are willing to share their shortcuts and secrets to speed up your business growth.

The Silver Tier is the most affordable level of SWLA at only $19 a month. Silver members enjoy two live sessions each month with Sonia and her guest experts, as well as audio programs and other bonuses to ensure you build solid business skills and boost your income and sales too.

The Gold Tier is For Women Who Are Serious About Success (and Don’t Want to Wait to Enjoy It)!

The Gold Tier is a more comprehensive level of support, perfect for women who want more hand’s on help as you grow your business to the next level. You’ll follow a solid, step by step curriculum delivered via the phone and internet – and take part in open coaching and q and a sessions as well each month.

Throughout the program, you’ll have the help and tools you need to consistently increase your sales, sponsor smart, committed business partners, and start duplicating your success throughout your team.

For many, this program will create a year of major transformation – and take you from “working hard and struggling” – to feeling totally inspired as you see your business grow and continue to pick up momentum. Gold program has a limited number of spots, and annual tuition for first- year members begins at $6000. More details on this program coming soon.

The Platinum Program is for Superstars Who Want Ultimate Freedom – A Business That Grows and Makes Money.

The Platinum tier of the SWLA is for advanced leaders, and is perfect for women who are at the top of their companies and want to leverage the business you’ve built so you can have more free time.

You’ll learn advanced business building, marketing, leadership and coaching strategies to continue moving your business into momentum – while freeing up your time to focus on what you love the most.

You’ll have the opportunity to work closely with Sonia and a small, intimate group of the most successful women in the profession. You’ll take part in highly interactive group coaching sessions and also receive individual coaching as you implement what you learn so it totally works for you and your business.

You’ll also take part in live retreats 2X each year with Sonia in inspiring resort locations. Platinum has a very limited number of spots, and annual tuition starts at $12,000. More details on this program coming soon.

VIP Personal Coaching and Consulting Packages

For top leaders who prefer individual attention, Sonia offers personal coaching and consulting packages. Whether it’s a day of brainstorming to work on a particular business or team challenge – or a longer coaching arrangement to help you achieve a specific result, you can get the results you want – faster and easier – by having Sonia in your corner.