Heart-Centered Sponsoring Skills

A 5-Step Conversation That Inspires People
to Join Your Team

Recruiting strong business builders doesn’t have to be a struggle. In fact, there’s a simple way to structure a recruiting conversation that makes it a LOT easier for people to see value in your opportunity, join your team (and get into enough consistent activity to help you build quickly!)

This 70 minute video is taken during a very popular session of the BELIEVE conference for women in network marketing and direct sales.

In it, you’ll learn how to lead a very heart-felt and authentic 5 – step recruiting conversation that turns “cold leads” into excited, committed biz builders.

After this video – you’ll know be able to engage people in conversations that make it easy for them to see why joining your team is a smart thing to do


Ignite Your Why!

4 Simple Steps to Activate Your Passion,
and Move Yourself (and Your Team) Into Massive Action!

No doubt you’ve heard about the importance of having a strong “WHY” – a strong, compelling reason to build your network marketing/direct sales business. Did you know, however, that there is a significant difference between “KNOWING your why” and “IGNITING your why”? When you “ignite your why” you become UNSTOPPABLE and your business grows quickly!

This 90 minute audio program will walk you through 4 simple steps to help “ignite your why” – so you feel excited about taking action in your business, and can breakthrough to a whole new level of growth and income.


Money, Meaning and Making a Difference

How Women are Creating Fortunes and Changing the Planet, Through Network Marketing and Direct Sales

For years, men have been the top earners in the network marketing profession (but that’s ALL changing now)! More women than ever are rising to the top of their companies, generating multi-six and seven-figure incomes and creating success on THEIR terms!

In this CD series, you’ll hear inspiring stories of 10 savvy women who’ve overcome common challenges (including juggling kids, dealing with unsupportive families, bias towards the profession, overwhelm and burnout) to emerge as inspiring leaders to the entire industry.

This series will save you years of trial and error and provide those “million dollar insights” that can make all the difference in the growth of your own network marketing/direct sales business.

The Feminine Factor

Your Opportunity, Your Obstacles, Your Chance to Change the World

The “Feminine Factor” livecast was truly a “history making” event. For the first time ever, top female leaders (from many DIFFERENT network marketing/direct sales companies) came together with one clear intention; to share their hard-earned business building tips with other women, with the intention of helping everyone experience more success across the profession.

These savvy gals gathered in a film studio in San Diego, CA, and we broadcast the program (just like a TV show) to thousands of women around the world, over the internet. The entire day focused on powerful business building strategies, the exact ideas WOMEN are using to build a 6 & 7 figure business and create an exciting lifestyle for themselves and their families.

Luckily, we captured the entire event on video, so you can still get your hands on these strategies that are working wonders for WOMEN in network marketing/direct sales. What you learn will ensure you grow your own business (with a lot less struggle and effort) and set it up so you have more free time for yourself and your family.


The Magic Words
to Selling and Sponsoring

What to Say When You Talk About Your Business
So People “Get It” (and Are Excited to Buy Your Products
and Join Your Team!)

How many times have you spoken to someone who could truly benefit from your product or business opportunity, but they just don’t “get it”? How frustrating is it to know you have something that can change people’s lives – but they don’t see the value that you do?

If you aren’t making the money you want in your business, it’s not because of what you are doing, it’s because of what you are SAYING! Find out how a few simple tweaks in your communication will make a HUGE difference in your sales and sponsoring results (and make it easier than ever to approach people about your business).


Believe: The Ultimate
Business Conference for Women

Learn a proven 6-step blueprint women are using to create a 6-7 figure income and a business that makes a real difference in the world!

In October 2013, the first BELIEVE conference was held in San Diego, CA. Hundreds of leaders came together to learn the 6-step “blueprint” women are using to build a business that provides an exciting income and a fabulous lifestyle for themselves and their families.

The entire 3 day conference (over 20 hours) was recorded on high quality video – so you now have the opportunity to learn these powerful strategies as well. This deep dive video training program will save you years of trial and error, and give you everything you need to create the income, impact and time freedom you’ve always wanted.

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